Alternative Therapies

Massage on Center Stage

News Note

“Hands-on therapies are the stars of the alternative-medicine show,” according to the August issue of Consumer Reports. The magazine recently surveyed 34,000 of its readers about various complementary and alternative medicines and found that massage and chiropractic scored higher in treating musculo-skeletal ailments — specifically back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia — than other nontraditional treatments such as herbs, supplements, and acupuncture/acupressure.

Are We Forcing a Square Peg into a Round Hole?

Clinically Speaking: Research Trials and Alternative Therapies

In review after review of clinical trials on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), researchers have informed therapists that many of the studies out there are not of high enough quality to prove benefits of the modalities being examined. Furthermore, there’s an inadequate number of trials to move CAM speedily along on the road to universal acceptance. What’s the problem? And why do we need these trials anyway?