Fountain of Youth

Increasingly Popular Facial Massage Provides Antiaging Effects

As a sinus/allergy sufferer, the cherry-on-top moment during my massage always comes when the therapist begins working my face. Tension dissipates quietly and without fuss from my unknowingly tight jowls. There is great sinus relief and passage opening in even the most gentle of strokes across my cheekbones. If I happen to be visiting a new massage therapist who doesn’t work that final facial zone, I leave feeling a bit disappointed and undone, regardless how great the rest of the treatment went.

Face of Grace

Alleviate Facial Tension, Ease Aging and TMJ

Facial tension is a primary cause of premature facial aging. And exacerbated conditions often end up being seen in a chiropractor’s or dentist’s office. Let’s first outline the various types of facial tension and how to alleviate them. The process should be a team approach in which the patient is proactive in her treatment, along with the other professionals on her team, including massage therapists, estheticians and/or movement therapists.

Skin Brushing

Rejuvenation, Circulation and Vital Chi

We wash it day in and day out. We protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. We rub everything from baby oil to the most expensive potions on it. But are we forgetting one of the healthiest things we can do for our skin?

Skin brushing can sustain or reestablish the skin’s functional integrity and youthful glow. It aids in waste removal, helps slow the skin’s aging process, increases circulation, even improves digestion and alleviates muscular tension. As such, skin brushing is a particularly powerful therapy which can positively impact the entire body.

Neglected Hands of Time

Anti-Aging Techniques for the Hands

The other day, one of my patients said to me, “Now that you have erased the wrinkles on my face, what are you going to do about these hands. They look as though they should belong to someone else, the person who used to have my face.”