Bill Strubbe


The Best Medicine After All

Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Autumn/Winter 2004.
Copyright 2004. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved.

Candle Cautions

Healthy Alternatives to Paraffin

Last year, while rearranging the paintings in her living room, Cathy Crystal noticed black smudges on the walls around the frames. Baffled, she looked around and discovered similar “ghostings” surrounding the electrical outlets and air conditioning vents. “We don’t allow smoking in our house, and we have a vent over the stove,” recalls the herbalist and nutritionist in Santa Cruz, Calif., “so it didn’t make sense.” It wasn’t until a week later, while lighting a constellation of votive candles on the mantle for an evening soiree, that the source of the soot suddenly dawned on her.

Exploring Bali

Massage in Paradise

After our marathon transpacific trek to the “Island of the Gods,” the welcome committee deities couldn’t have orchestrated a more sublime reception: a full moon illuminating mist rising from the river gorge, flashes of distant lightening silhouetting the jungle, all accompanied by a raucous chorus of frogs.