Chronic Inflammation

First-Line Defenses Against Chronic Inflammation

Pathology Perspectives

“Probably your own death will be caused by your last inflammatory response.”1

—Ed Friedlander,

Ever since I came on board Massage & Bodywork, I have used this column to discuss pathology for massage therapists. I have introduced ideas about cortisol secretion, sleep deprivation, and what happens when pregnancy overlays autoimmune disease. In this issue, I will take on one of the most complex, aggressive, protective, and potentially dangerous of all natural processes—inflammation.

Fat Lightens the Load

News Note

Omega-3 fatty acids have proven beneficial in treating a myriad of chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease as well as memory loss, diabetes, psoriasis and more. Now add to that list heart disease and depression.