Dance Your Way to Fitness

Marcia McConnell is attractive and trim, and in the six years I’ve known her (we share an office suite), I had no idea she was a dancer. “Oh yes,” she said when we went out to lunch recently. “I danced tap as a little girl. I loved it. Then we moved, and the only kind of dance available in my new town was ballet. I think ballet is beautiful, but it’s not for me. I quit dancing but always wanted to get back to tap.”

Tai Chi

Multiple Benefits for the Elderly

The body movements of tai chi, so graceful and fluid, have long been practiced by both young and old in Eastern cultures. This ancient conditioning exercise, also referred to as tai chi chuan (T’ai Chi Ch’uan or TCC), is rooted in martial arts folk tradition, with “chuan” meaning “boxing,” sometimes referred to as shadow boxing. An exercise in mind and consciousness, the movements are representative of the circular, encompassing state of the universe, bringing “serenity in action and action in serenity.1