Massage & Cycling

A Winning Combination

Whether it’s the Tour de France or Ride the Rockies, cyclists — world-class and otherwise — are learning the lessons of massage for injury prevention, enhanced performance and faster recovery.

Ticket to Ride

5 Tips for Cyclist

Weekend warrior or pro, the following can keep you performing at your peak:

1. Drink Plenty of Water

You should be consuming one to two 12 oz. bottles per hour, depending on the day’s temperature and your exertion level. Think in terms of drinking for tomorrow’s ride.

2. Keep Knees Warm

Avoid patella tendinitis. Check your local bike store for knee warmers just for this purpose.

Ride the Rockies

Massage Strokes and Bicycle Spokes

Ride the Rockies is an annual bicycle tour that takes 2,000 cyclists on a seven-day ride through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains each June. It is not to be confused with a leisurely ride around the block or a trip to the local grocery store. This year’s ride covers 458 miles, spanning from Trinidad to Idaho Springs. Unlike other similar events around the country, the elevation at the Colorado event is never lower than 9,000 feet and tops off at 11,318 feet. The steep daily climbs have been known to reduce grown men to tears upon completion.