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Diagnosis Support

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Being diagnosed with a chronic illness can lead to a bevy of emotions, including denial, anger, confusion, and depression. To help with this possibly difficult time, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has created a website titled Next Steps After Your Diagnosis: Finding Information and Support. Included are support-group locators, phone numbers for health information, 10 important questions to ask your doctor, clinical trials, and outcome research.

Labyrinthine Peace

Body Talk

Labyrinthine Peace

Need a moment for peace, reflection, or exercise? Walk a labyrinth. At first glance, these configurations look similar to mazes — large circular structures with spiraling walkways. But further inspection reveals a unicursal, or single, path that leads to a center and out again — less a puzzle and more a right-brain task.

Creating a Home Gym

Three factors keep many Americans from joining a gym: they’re crunched for time, cash strapped, or self-conscious about working out in front of others. One solution is setting up a home gym.
But where do you start? And does that old, rusty dumbbell tucked away in your closet constitute a home gym?

Because one person’s definition of a home gym differs from another’s, let’s consider several approaches to establishing your own personal workout paradise.

Body By Zake

Yamuna Body Rolling as Self-Therapy

They’re all around us: fountain-of-youth products, pills, drugs, exercise regimens, and diets. But can any antiaging strategy really improve physical fitness, range of motion, muscle tone, and posture?

Bodyworker, aromatherapist, and yoga instructor Yamuna Zake thinks so. In fact, she suggests we can prevent many of the unwelcome characteristics often associated with aging, such as rigidity and structural problems, simply by being more on the ball — literally.

CAM and Continuing Education

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Complementary and alternative medicine continues to gain acceptance in many of the nation’s most prestigious medical institutions. The newest college to incorporate nonconventional medical training is the University of Pennsylvania, which has moved to include acupuncture, herbal remedies, and massage therapy into its curriculum. The university will pair with Maryland’s Tai Sophia Institute to instruct medical students. Of the 125 medical schools in the United States, 95 now require at least some coursework in CAM.

Free Massage Schooling for Veterans

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North Eastern Institute of Whole Health — School of Massage Therapy, in Manchester, N.H., is offering a new 13-month certification program for American soldiers returning home from Iraq. Called Operation Healing Hands, the program is a full-tuition scholarship available to all military personnel. For soldiers who cannot attend this free program and perform massage due to disabilities incurred during combat, the school is offering free tuition to the spouses of soldiers, as well as any spouses of fallen soldiers.

Massage on Center Stage

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“Hands-on therapies are the stars of the alternative-medicine show,” according to the August issue of Consumer Reports. The magazine recently surveyed 34,000 of its readers about various complementary and alternative medicines and found that massage and chiropractic scored higher in treating musculo-skeletal ailments — specifically back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia — than other nontraditional treatments such as herbs, supplements, and acupuncture/acupressure.