Darren Buford

The Travel Bug

News Note

According to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, those bitten by mosquitoes in countries where malaria exists may develop symptoms of the disease weeks, or even months, after their return. Malaria’s ability to lie dormant for such an extended period of time has researchers admonishing about the importance of wearing protective clothing and using mosquito repellent with the ingredient DEET when visiting areas of the world with high concentrations of the disease, such as Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Vegan Boys and Girls

News Note

Is it safe to raise your child as a vegan? According to Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing newsletter, having him eat only a plant-based diet is extremely challenging. While a vegan child would potentially have low cholesterol, a slimmer chance of becoming obese, and less risk of cardiovascular disease, without proper supplementation, there is also a chance he could develop a vitamin B-12 deficiency, which could lead to abnormal growth and/or mental retardation.

Spa Parties

Indulge in Well-being

Instead of hosting a get-together where guests are checking their watches, throw one that will have them begging to stay. One surefire way to spoil them is with a spa party. Imagine inviting 10 to 15 of your closest friends to experience a luxurious day of pampering at a day spa, or even having them over to your home where you've hired your regular massage practitioner and skin care professional to cater to every bodywork whim.

Teeth Chic

Dental Day Spas

There are many reasons why I drive my son to a dentist nearly an hour away from our home. Not only do I think this pedodontist is the best in the area, but he provides a certain je ne sais quoi unavailable elsewhere.

Winter Sanctuary

Bringing the Outside Inside

As the leaves fall from the trees and old man winter lies in wait, many people have difficulty giving up the aesthetics of summer. Unfortunately you can’t pocket all those roses and daisies away for the chilly months ahead, but you can easily compensate by bringing a bit of the outdoor spirit you crave inside.

House of Blues

Beating Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the days become shorter and the sun shines less frequently, many of us are temporarily affected by winter’s “blues.” Lumbering around inside a cozy house, exercising less, and eating and sleeping seem more appropriate than in the spring and summer months.

Able Bodies

Massage Therapist’s Philanthropy Aids the Handi-Capable

Massage therapy and athletics are a natural combination. Body maintenance, recovery, rehabilitation and improved performance are just a few reasons why many professional and Olympic athletes have incorporated bodywork as part of their training regimen. But what if an athlete requires special attention, is disabled, or is affected by a myriad of complications? Does the approach alter?

After the Fact

When the Massage is Over

You’ve just received a great massage. In fact, it was so good you have to take a minute to collect yourself when the therapist leaves the room. Massage practitioners refer to this time as the “coming back” period or a moment to regain your “connectedness,” and most recommend savoring this valuable experience. “These few minutes can be an exquisite interlude during which your cares and concerns seem a million miles away,” Steve Capellini writes in Massage for Dummies. “Relish it.”

Adventure Spas

Between a Rock and a Soft Place

Hanna Johansen is passionate about two things that at first glance seem contradictory: Adventure and relaxation. Yet, she has found a way to combine each in her Montana-based spa. Situated near Big Sky Ski Resort, Alpenglow Traveling Spa caters to an abundance of winter sports enthusiasts from November to March each year by delivering massage, Kripalu yoga and spa services directly to the door of its clientele.

‘Inna’ New Direction

Demonstrating Interconnectedness on Stage

Explaining to a massage therapist the interconnectedness of everything is like preaching to the choir. But what if your audience’s experience with massage is very limited? How do you get your message across?

Simple, write a play. Setting out with two goals in mind (1. Illustrate the nature of creativity, 2. Write a love story), playwright Gary Leon Hill decided to mesh his interest in massage therapy, particularly energy work, with his talent for the written word...and, thus, was born Inna Beginning.