Darren Buford

Massage Machine Mishap

News Note

A shiatsu massage machine in which clients place their head between two heavy rotating balls has caused arterial problems in two cases, according to Reuters Health. Both incidents seem to have occurred once the machine’s twisting action placed pressure upon the neck, dissecting the carotid artery (and/or damaging surrounding tissue) and, thus, reducing the flow of blood to the head. Along with a headache, the nerve damage caused by the machine left both clients with a droopy eyelid — now permanent. Worse, the machine could have triggered a stroke.

Aussie Antibacterial

News Note

Australian scientists have discovered a natural remedy — a combination of eucalyptus and tea tree oil — for the clean-up of 90 percent of hospital-acquired staph infections (known as staph infections), and has proven effective for the treatment of musculoskeletal infections where antibiotics have failed. In fact, of the 25 cases that were treated (some wounds involving exposed bone, a joint and soft-tissue) 22 were treated with the new antibacterial alone. Most surprising was the product’s tuberculocidal activity.

Muscular Flexibility

Five Simple Stretches

Mention flexibility and most people envision twisting themselves into a pretzel. But as we age, maintaining flexibility is less about being a contortionist and more about the ability to perform everyday activities. This is why regular stretching is especially important to stay limber and prevent atrophy as our bodies mature.

Mind, Body and Spirit

The Spiritual Consciousness of Massage and Bodywork

In massage and bodywork, there is an elephant on your tables and chairs, in your spa rooms, and, in fact, everywhere you take the profession. Not the trunk and peanuts kind. No, this animal is metaphorical in nature, yet an animal, nonetheless. Strangely paradoxical, this elephant is the backbone of many modalities and to many of our lives, yet is often avoided in the name of privacy, sacredness, and because we just don’t know how to talk about it. The subject of which I speak is none other than spirituality.