Saving Face

Yoga to Tone the Lips and Cheeks

Yoga for your face may sound a little far-fetched by those who practice it say it’s no farce. In fact, StarFace, a multi-layered workout program that can be done at home, can improve your look, as well as lessen the intensity of several severe medical problems, according to face-yoga enthusiasts. When applied properly and practiced regularly, the exercises are therapeutic, rejuvenating and they put the power of treatment into your own hands.

Hot Head

News Note

Higher facial temperatures may be linked to the skin disorder rosacea, according to Dr. Mark Dahl of the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz. Characterized by facial bumps and acne, a swollen nose, redness over the nose and cheeks, and small dilated blood vessels in the skin known as telangiectasia, rosacea may be caused by changes in temperature, affecting the toxicity of bacteria in the face. At higher temperatures, an enzyme called lipase is released more readily than at lower temperatures, causing a depletion of nutrients and, thus, dryness in the face.

Winter Skin Care

Smoothly Surviving the Season

The winter season brings with it cooler temperatures and drier air, which can lead to skin dehydration, formation of fine lines and loss of nutrients. Incorporating some specific face and body treatments into your weekly regimen can help to combat these skin concerns. These seasonal treatments can assist in rebalancing the skin, as well as helping to prevent premature aging.