The World of Spa

Trends Driving Today’s Spa Market

I’ve followed the spa market since the late 1980s, when I wrote my first spa feature for a consumer fitness magazine. Since then, I think I’ve undergone every spa therapy available. I’ve had my body wrapped in chocolate, painted in paraffin, doused with a variety of liquids, and scrubbed with herb-infused salts and sugars. I’ve detoxed in traditional Mexican sweat lodges and sat in henna-infused sitz baths in Malaysia. I’ve had mud wraps in Italy, sipped the spa waters in Baden-Baden and Evian, and have had more facials than I can count.

Avoiding Skin Care Gimmicks

Estheticians Can Tell You How

After a facial, the skin appears fresh and clean. It has been cleared of clogged pores and dead skin cells, skin pigmentations have been buffed and diminished, and dehydrated skin has been rehydrated.

But facials and skin-rejuvenating treatments aren’t the only services your skin care specialist can offer. She also can guide you through the maze of “beauty” gimmicks and trends in an attempt to create manageable skin care goals you can easily continue at home.

Laser Wars

Erasing Unwanted Hair

I have hair that must be the best hair in the world, because nothing gets rid of it for more than a short time. I probably have tried every depilatory cream made... Most all have a foul smell and leave me with a painful rash that lasts for days. By the time the rash goes away, the hair is returning. Shaving gives me razor burns, irritates my skin and seems to make the hair grow back thicker and faster than ever. Plucking, waxing and electrolysis were, I’m sure, designed as some sort of medieval way to torture people. For me they have been expensive and painful.

Skin & Body Care

The Natural Way

The use of chemicals in cosmetics has been increasing over the last several years and although some natural alternatives to these chemicals exist, many cosmetic companies won’t use them because they are more costly and less readily available.