Companion to Peak Performance

What do Gwyneth Paltrow, Rod Stewart, and Martina Navratilova have in common? No idea? Would it help if I added the San Francisco 49ers? No?

They all practice Pilates.

These popular personalities — and so many others — have discovered a winning combination of toning, timing, and training in this exercise regime.

While the popularity of Pilates gains more momentum each day, this exercise program had a slow start.

Redesigning Movement

Can You Change?

The last installments of “Redesigning Movement” focused on gaining flexibility in specific regions of the body. We drew attention to the postural and biomechanical issues that most massage therapists and bodyworkers face. A full head-to-toe routine of active-isolated stretching was explained as a means to prevent repetitive stress injuries that are brought on by the nature of our work and through dysfunctional biomechanics.

Muscular Flexibility

Five Simple Stretches

Mention flexibility and most people envision twisting themselves into a pretzel. But as we age, maintaining flexibility is less about being a contortionist and more about the ability to perform everyday activities. This is why regular stretching is especially important to stay limber and prevent atrophy as our bodies mature.