Genetically Modified Organisms

The Organic Choice

Is Paying a Little More for Organic Foods Worth It?

Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Spring/Summer 2005.
Copyright 2005. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved.

While shopping in your grocery store’s produce section, you may notice the organically grown apples are pocked and not as big and perfectly round as the conventional produce, but they are more expensive. What’s the difference, and which do you choose? Your decision may significantly impact not only your health but the health of the economy and the planet.

Tampering with the Cocoon

News Note

Thanks to genetically engineered corn, some monarch caterpillars may never spread their wings. As noted in Country Living’s Healthy Living (Sep./Oct. 1999), scientists have discovered that pollen from corn plants genetically engineered to produce Bt insecticide is fatal to the monarch caterpillars feeding on it. Nearly 20 million acres of Bt corn is now growing in the United States, causing concern for the safety of some 19 butterfly and moth species already designated as endangered.