Smooth Moves

Bodywork and Your Golf Game

You're standing over an easy 3-foot putt on the 18th green, $20 riding on dropping the ball in the cup. And yet all you can think about is that sharp twinge in your lower back, that pesky crick in your neck and the growing tension in your hands--which have a death grip on the putter.

How did this happen? Didn’t you take up this game to relax?

"We Type-A personalities all seem to be attracted to golf--then we get out on the course and tense our muscles and stress out," says Marilyn McAffee of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

Driving Home the Need for Balance

The Asymmetry of Golf

Golf is a unique physical activity in that it is all “one way.” That is, right-handed golfers are constantly rotating from left to right, and vice versa for lefties. This puts strain in certain muscles, such as the obliques, which can pull the spine out of alignment. Every swing creates torque on the spine, as well as shifting the sacrum.

Teeing up for Health

Therapist Drives Home Importance of Massage to Golf Community

When Fred Couples walked off the course after the third round of The 1996 Players Championship (TPC), he hardly wore the look of a winner. Heading into the next day’s final round, he trailed leader Tommy Tolles by four strokes. More of a concern to Couples that afternoon in 1996 was his ailing back, which had bothered him for years. Chances for a comeback victory looked bleak.