Hair Removal

Sweet Deal

Sugaring for hair removal offers many advantages

Sugaring is an ancient and natural method to achieve clean, hairless, smooth skin, and it’s replacing waxing in some spas, salons, and estheticians’ offices. Knowing about this option means you can decide whether to learn the technique and offer it yourself or, if nothing else, to know what your competition might be up to.

Laser Wars

Erasing Unwanted Hair

I have hair that must be the best hair in the world, because nothing gets rid of it for more than a short time. I probably have tried every depilatory cream made... Most all have a foul smell and leave me with a painful rash that lasts for days. By the time the rash goes away, the hair is returning. Shaving gives me razor burns, irritates my skin and seems to make the hair grow back thicker and faster than ever. Plucking, waxing and electrolysis were, I’m sure, designed as some sort of medieval way to torture people. For me they have been expensive and painful.