Holiday Stress

Frankincense to Calm a Harried Soul

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Frankincense (Boswellia sacra spp.) has a long history of intimating peace and well-being. Believed in many religions to bestow divine blessings, this aromatic resin native to Oman has a rich history. In ancient times it was traded for porcelain by the Chinese, used for embalming by the Egyptians, presented to the baby Jesus as a sacred gift and burned by Roman emperors during the height of their reign.

Soothing the Season

Natural Remedies to Ease Holiday Stress

As the holiday season approaches, your task list may begin to overwhelm you. There are office parties, social engagements, gift buying, children’s recitals, holiday meals, travel, and financial decisions — all tapping on your shoulder and demanding attention. Where do you begin?

“We have to resist the speediness around us,” says Hyla Cass, M.D., coauthor of several books, including Natural Highs: Feel Good All the Time (Avery, 2002). “All the forces are pushing us to perform, to always be doing and going,” she says. “It can really wreak havoc. Remember to slow down and breathe.”

Ease Holiday Hangovers

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Cheers To Natural Hangover Remedies

Drinking responsibly is important to well-being on several levels. That said, overdoing a holiday celebration is not uncommon, and the morning-after effects can be distinctly unpleasant. Fortunately, there are some effective, natural remedies to get you back in the swing of things:

Holiday Stress

Tips to Stay On Top

Here “it” comes — holiday stress. As families negotiate where to spend Thanksgiving, and millions of us are making the empty promise to ourselves to start early on holiday shopping, the anxiety begins to build. And it only gets crazier from here. Choir practice for the kids, family gatherings at every turn, office parties, treks to the mall, know where this is headed. So what can you do about it? You may not be able to control the chaos of the season, but there are some steps to make sure you survive it unscathed.