Hospice Care

Building Community through Specialty Massage

The Benefits of Geriatric Work

Through my observations and personal experience, residents in multi-level care facilities require caring, skilled massage. They often have a dizzying array of diagnoses that the best rehab centers in the country have difficulty caring for. Day after day staff struggle just to meet the basic needs of residents, with little or no time to provide the gentle touch they so deserve.

The ‘M’ Technique

Physical Hypnotherapy for the Critically Ill

Communicating Through Touch

While working in critical care I realized that communication with my patients was a major problem. Most of them could not express their needs to me because they were intubated (a breathing tube placed down their throat) and therefore could not speak. Almost all of these patients were attached to heart monitors and had many intravenous lines. Sometimes there were so many machines monitoring essential body function it was hard to remember that underneath it all was a person — someone’s loved one.