Spa Styles

Pure, Smorgasbord, or Fusion

A French restaurant doesn’t serve Chinese food,” explains the owner of a traditional Indonesian spa in Whistler, British Columbia. “So why should we offer Indian or Thai spa treatments when we are presenting a pure Indonesian experience?” While the Taman Sari Spa in Whistler clearly opts for the authentic experience, other spas mix a variety of traditions and techniques into a particular service, offering a fusion or combination practice. And many larger destination and resort spas prefer a smorgasbord of various traditional side-by-side offerings on their spa menus.

Exploring Bali

Massage in Paradise

After our marathon transpacific trek to the “Island of the Gods,” the welcome committee deities couldn’t have orchestrated a more sublime reception: a full moon illuminating mist rising from the river gorge, flashes of distant lightening silhouetting the jungle, all accompanied by a raucous chorus of frogs.