Karrie Osborn

Going Home

Zero Balancing Takes the Body Back

What would happen if our bodies got to “start over” again? What if our physical self got “do-overs?” Is it a pipe dream, or can we really take our bodies backward and undo the damage that’s been done over time?

In the world of Zero Balancing, it’s believed the body can be brought back to the starting gate. In fact, being “perfectly balanced” and finding the body’s original state of harmony is how some describe their experience with Zero Balancing, including the client who helped name the modality after her first session.

Fresh Picks

Appreciate the Value of Fruits Year-Round

Farmer’s markets are closing their doors, your garden is being put to bed for the winter and road-side fruit stands are packing up their wares. Yet, now is not the time to relinquish your desire for fresh fruits to the winter doldrums. Even though you may not be able to pick a fresh strawberry from your own backyard planting or buy a bushel of apples from your local farmer, incorporating fruits into your winter health regimen will lighten dreary days and keep you and your spirits healthy.

Creating Spirit Through Structure and Energy

Is It Part of Our Future?

Looking at the evolution of modern massage therapy over the last 40 years shows both an exponential growth and subsequent factioning of modalities within the larger parent field. We need only look at the internally divided camps of certain bodywork genres (i.e., Rolfing and reiki to name but a few) to see a micro-cosmic representation of how an even larger gap has developed between structural work and energy work throughout the years. As a result of that chasm, the spirit once found in the union of structure and energy has been lost.

Laboring Naturally


Even with today’s medical advances in childbirth, one simple truth remains — a woman must eventually do most of the work herself. Understanding how to best utilize a woman’s inner strength and harnessing her body’s wisdom can make the process that much easier and healthier for both mother and child.

Get Out of the Way

The use of complementary therapies is one of the best ways to harness that wisdom and strength, giving a woman in labor the tools to control her fear surrounding childbirth in an instinctive and natural way.

Touching the Littlest Clients

Massage Study Ventures into Ecuador’s Orphanages

Sometimes the most daunting tasks are the most rewarding. Cultural barriers surrounding touch, old habits promoting unhealthy environments, a lack of resources and funds, and the overabundance of unwanted children made Vonda Jump’s work all the more difficult. A Utah State University research associate in the College of Education, Jump didn’t mind the obstacles. In fact, they made her more determined to discover whether or not touch could change a child’s life. Her research subjects: The children of Ecuador’s orphanages.

On the Front Line

A Massage Therapist and Former Firefighter Tells His 9/11 Story

A New York voice. An intentional pause between measured words. A snippet of emotion piercing the moment. A perseverance shining through a tired soul. This was retired New York City firefighter and massage therapist James Kearney telling his story in the aftermath of September 11, 2001.

Getting To Know a Spa

The Healing Centers of Tomorrow

I am not a “spa” kind of woman.

Or so I once thought. I’m an average, 30-something woman, who like all of us, is trying to find balance between work, family and self-care. I don’t get my nails done — they break before I get a chance. I’m not high fashion — I’m high comfort. I don’t revel in cosmetic excursions. My cosmetic bag holds base, blush and mascara; of which the brands haven’t changed in years. In my mind, I don’t sound like the typical spa-goer. But that’s not what “spa” is about any more.

Sound Healing

Working With the Body’s Rhythm

Sometimes we forget how powerful sound really is. Think for a moment of the sounds which have affected you and your life: your newborn son cooing for his mother; the ocean’s soft song of welcome; an eagle’s cry echoing off the canyon walls. There are also those sounds we’d much rather forget: a terrified child screaming ceaselessly for a parent; the relentless howl of a land-stalled hurricane; and yes, the sounds of terror that came crashing through to us via television and radio on Sept. 11, 2001.

Sound is indeed a powerful element in our lives.

Try a Little Tenderness

Spinal Cord Injuries and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

Walking up to this unfamiliar door, Joanie Heart was uncertain her abilities as a massage therapist would make a difference. For one of the only times in her career, intimidation was looming. It was 1997 and behind the door was a 25-year-old man, not so much unlike other massage clients she’d seen in her 14 years of practice, except for one thing — he was a paraplegic.

“I was afraid I couldn’t help him,” said Heart. “I’ve always been very confident in my work, but for a few moments I was uncertain. I was standing in the wilderness with no map of where to go.”

A Gem of a Face

Euro-Stone Facial Relaxes and Rejuvenates

As a zealous fan of LaStone Therapy (the use of warmed stones as an integral part of a massage), I was eager to learn more about a new facial treatment called Euro-Stone Facial, which uses a combination of warm river rocks and cool gemstones.