Kondañña (Barry) Kapke

Radiesthesia: Medical Dowsing

Energy Medicine

The mention of “dowsing” often conjures up the image of someone searching for underground water by means of a forked willow branch called a dowsing rod. That mental association is usually accompanied by skepticism or outright dismissal. What is generally not known by the average person is that on-site dowsing, or field dowsing, is remarkably accurate. It has been shown that experienced dowsers are twice as successful at locating underground water as are standard geophysical techniques. In a 10-year study1 led by Dr.

Asian Bodywork Therapy, Part 1

Amma, Shiatsu & Jin Shin Jyutsu

What are Asian Bodywork Therapies (ABT)? Are they indigenous, traditional forms of bodywork from Asia? Does a style of bodywork necessarily have to originate in some Asian country or culture in order to be considered an ABT? What is it that qualifies ABTs and draws them together under that umbrella? Are there bodywork therapies within Asia that are not considered forms of ABT? These are complicated, and revealing, questions.