Longmont United Hospital

Cancer, Radiation, and Massage

Cancer patient looking out a window and smiling

Martha had just completed many months of treatment for breast cancer and was on a cruise to relax after the arduous experience. What she was most looking forward to after boarding the ship was receiving a massage. For weeks beforehand she had anticipated it. But when the time finally came, Martha was turned away. The massage therapist had been taught never to massage clients with cancer. Unfortunately the therapist didn’t know that a cancer diagnosis is no longer an automatic contraindication for massage.

A Day in the Life

The Many Faces of Hospital-Based Massage and Bodywork

Displayed in the hallway of the Health Center of Integrated Therapies in Longmont, Colo., adjacent to Longmont United Hospital, weathered photos of early 1900’s hospital wards depict a cold, spartan environment where patients sit in straight-back chairs at the foot of a row of metal beds, neatly lined up like soldiers at attention. The solemn countenance of the patients’ faces reflect the stark mood of these lifeless rooms.