Lymphatic System

Boost Your Immune System

Taking Care of Yourself

Ever feel like your immune system is working overtime? If so, you might want to give it some help by working with a massage therapist or skin care professional trained in manual lymph drainage. This mysterious sounding name refers to a technique that was invented in Europe and is widely used there. The treatment can not only boost your immunity, it can help the body detox, move congestion out of the body, and reduce swelling, especially after surgery.

Lymph Drainage Therapy

An Effective Complement to Breast Care

Legal and ethical issues often provide a controversial backdrop to the subject of breast massage. Further fueling the debate is the question of who exactly is qualified to perform this technique. While there may be many schools of thought, the fact remains there is an appropriate and practical manual technique — Lymph Drainage Therapy — that can be used by trained therapists for specific conditions and indications relating to breast care.