Medical Massage

Medical Massage: A Marriage or a Monster

If you do a Google search for medical massage, you will turn up 3,210,000-plus entries. Clearly something of a large dimension is developing in this potential sector of our rapidly growing profession. And, as is the case with any broad movement, there are a variety of motives and presumed goals in play.

A largely grass roots phenomenon is beginning to institutionally encounter one of the most prosperous and prestigious—and most heavily regulated—organizations in the United States, and it seems to me that careful thought will be required as to just what this may mean.

Research & Massage Therapy, Part 1

The Science to Back It Up

The present time opens exciting perspectives for American massage and bodywork practitioners. Thanks to a new philosophy, the medical values of massage are getting more and more recognition from clients/patients, as well as from other health and medical practitioners. I am sure that this inevitable process will finally restore massage therapy within the arsenal of modern American medicine. Massage practitioners are playing a major role in this process. It is their job to help the clients and convince other health practitioners of the benefits of massage therapy.