The Mind-Body Spa Experience

Spa Élan

While the U.S. spa industry has consistently struggled with the definition of “spa,” the market continues to expand, explore, and test the boundaries of consumer expectations and demands. Although “mind, body, and soul” is the mantra many spas have used throughout the last decade, the “mind” aspect of the spa movement was rarely a priority until energetic services began to attract clients’ intrigue and dollars.


Restoring Balance in a Meaningful Way

Shari Sunshine is quick to note she was born to this surname, like her father before her, Dr. Sunshine, a dentist in Denver, Colo. Despite sounding New Age or trendy, her name, as well as her touch therapy — Syntropy Insight Bodywork — is rooted in ancient tradition.


Teaching the Body to Remember

Ease and harmony — that’s what the body seeks to rediscover with Ortho-Bionomy, a gentle osteopathically-based system for working with the body’s self-corrective reflexes. According to Ortho-Bionomy founder Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O., ease and harmony are things we already know, and Ortho-Bionomy is one way of remembering. It is an educational tool “of a high order.