Premature Aging

Face of Grace

Alleviate Facial Tension, Ease Aging and TMJ

Facial tension is a primary cause of premature facial aging. And exacerbated conditions often end up being seen in a chiropractor’s or dentist’s office. Let’s first outline the various types of facial tension and how to alleviate them. The process should be a team approach in which the patient is proactive in her treatment, along with the other professionals on her team, including massage therapists, estheticians and/or movement therapists.

An Eclectic Recipe to Fight Fibromyalgia

Documenting A Journey Past Pain

Fibromyalgia management is controversial today in both traditional and complementary medicine circles. Researchers and health care practitioners are seeing mixed results from a variety of cutting-edge protocols. Following are the details of one success story involving a combination of methods, and a summary of the resources which helped make it happen.

Sunscreen’s Hidden Risk

News Note

A mismatch of expectation and realization. That is said to be a reason why sunscreen use is a risk factor in melanoma. Researcher Brian Diffey, of the UK’s Newcastle General Hospital, said the SPF numbering system on sunscreens is misleading people into believing the numbers actually indicate how much longer it takes the skin to burn than unprotected skin. His comments find merit as Americans went from spending $18 million on sunscreen products in 1972 to $500 million in 1996, while risk of melanoma has gone from 1 in 1,500 people in 1930 to an expected 1 in 75 this year.