Prenatal Massage

The Evolution of an MT

From Office to Birthing Room

I’m resting on my knees, rib cage indenting the soft lip of a plastic pool that could be mistaken for a kiddy pool. Colorful designs of cartoon animals dance around the outer circle, and a nervous husband pours water from a teakettle to rewarm the pool’s contents.

I am not outdoors under the sun, on a lawn in a backyard, but rather on a hardwood floor in the dining room of a small house in West Los Angeles, California.

It is four o’clock in the morning.

Holistic Maternity Care

Integrating Shiatsu and Massage

Shiatsu may sound exotic, but it has a long tradition in Western massage. Indeed one of the first books that influenced the growth of the modern massage movement in 19th century Europe was the translation of an ancient Chinese massage text, The Cong Fu of Tao-Tse. Shiatsu evolved over thousands of years, influenced by massage in China.

Pregnancy Massage

Touch for the Mom-To-Be

Pregnancy is a beautiful and natural condition — nine transformative months full of excitement, planning and peering at the awesome unfolding of life. But this transformation also brings inevitable side effects, sometimes making a woman feel like her body has been taken over by an alien force. In the early months, there are mood swings from ecstasy to unpredictable crying; in later months, there are aches and pains more common to the domain of the elderly.