Russian Massage

Checking Hockey Players With Russian Sports Massage

Therapist to Therapist

Having covered swimmers, runners, and even musical athletes up to this point, I chose to continue our sport-specific focus with a look at Russia’s (and Canada’s) favorite sport — hockey. While living in Russia, I had the privilege to do some work for the hockey team coached by the legendary Victor Tichanov. In fact, just before my immigration to the United States, the U.S.S.R. had won its second Olympic medal under his coaching. I can say first-hand that our hockey players received wonderful medical attention — preventively, as well as correctively.

The Secrets of Russian Massage

Tenacity, Technology and Touch

Down South, people who know massage spell relief with a capital “R.” And that stands for Russian. Their champion is Vladimir Chubinsky, a 44-year-old immigrant, who, in the dozen years since making Atlanta home, has proven his abilities by meeting and exceeding the expectations of people who know a good massage when they get one. Great wealth, Chubinsky explains, presents more occasion for massage and with experience comes the capacity to judge quality. “They can afford more frequent massage,” he says, “and they know what is good and what is bad.” Hands down, Chubinsky passes the test.