Ruth Sova

When Two Flow as One

Ai Chi Ne as Bodywork

Born out of necessity, ai chi ne combines elements of movement reeducation, touch, and focused breath to assist clients in their therapeutic process. Just like traditional bodywork, ai chi ne creates an immediate energy connection between client and practitioner, but with one big difference — although it can be modified for land use, ai chi ne is done in the water.

Perfect Posture

Guidelines to Help You Exercise Safely

An estimated 80 percent of the population will have back problems at some time in their lives. If you’re part of that unfortunate majority, and you’ve started exercising to alleviate the issue, attention to your posture can help you do so safely.

Proper body alignment is extremely important in all fitness programs. Alignment simply means posture, or how you hold your body. Proper posture allows your body’s weight to be balanced, so you avoid overworking the back muscles.