Shirley Vanderbilt

Essential Oils

Tending the Garden of Research

The purported benefits of aromatherapy are so taken for granted in our society that aromatic products, whether truly infused with essential oils or not, abound on store shelves. Choose from an assortment of candles, bath and beauty products, or diffusers for home and office to cure what ails you. The claimed effects run the gamut from mood enhancement to specific healing properties.


Structural Integration for Mind, Body, and Spirit

As one who has used and abused my body for more than half a
century, I barely give it a passing glance in the mirror, figuring what’s done is done. But on this particular morning, as I donned a two-piece swimsuit in preparation for my first Hellerwork session, I paused to take stock. Reflected in the mirror was a disturbing sight. My right shoulder sagged at an angle. Body weight obviously shifted right to protect an arthritic hip. From top to bottom, the entire side looked like it was pulled taut by a rope.

The Power of Pets

Facilitating Healing on All Levels

Whether it’s a wet lick on the face or a gentle brush to the leg, our pets are unabashedly open in displaying their love and affection for human owners. They could care less about our physical appearance or success in life. They are the ultimate love agents of nature — always loyal, compassionate and unconditional in their attachment.

Researching Reiki

Moving Energy Forward in the Scientific Realm

With its simplicity and gentleness, reiki is capturing the attention of the traditional medical field as a practical, effective component of integrative care. Not all complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches are without contraindications, and some not so easily adapted to administration during procedures such as in acute trauma situations or surgery. Reiki, a subtle energy therapy, can be applied with or without actual touch and only requires the presence of the practitioner.

Polarity Therapy

Interfacing Subtle Energy with Massage

“The problem of healing involves the harmonious relationship
of man’s inner energies to those of the without.”
— Randolph Stone, osteopath, naturopath and chiropractor

Why Am I Sore?

Understanding Massage as the Body’s Workout

You’ve just had a wonderful massage, and you go home feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated. But the next morning, you wake up with twinges of muscle soreness, maybe some fatigue, and you just don’t feel yourself. What happened? Chances are it’s the massage, and it’s perfectly OK.


Words from the Heart

The attic of the mind is full of clutter — bits and pieces of to-do lists, fragments of conversations gone wrong, fears of the future and regrets from the past, cherished memories and hopeful dreams. What do you do with all this stuff? Do you store it up and let it accumulate dust like Grandma’s old trunk, or do you take it out, examine it and put it to use?

Weekend Warriors

Enhancing Performance with Massage and Bodywork

In June of this year, a medical team traded in their lab jackets for bicycle shorts to embark on the grueling Race Across America, a 2,922-mile course from San Diego, Calif., to Atlantic City, N.J. The goal of the team, representing Florida Orthopaedic Institute (FOI) in Tampa was to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. The goal of their team massage therapist, Clinton Wynn, was to keep them racing at peak performance. Providing massage in the back of a rolling motor home, Wynn worked all hours of the day and night. He didn’t sleep much.

Kicking Butts!

Alternative Adjunct Treatment for Smoking Cessation

Cigarette smoking, once a symbol of glamour, sophistication and power, is now recognized as a harbinger of disease and death.