Back in the Game

News Note

Stretching a strained muscle speeds recovery and gets athletes back in the game, Greek researchers recently concluded. Eighty subjects suffering from pulled hamstrings were assigned to one of two groups: The first group was assigned to stretch the hamstring four times daily, while the second group stretched once a day. The first group regained full range of motion in an average of 5.6 days while it took the control group 7.3 days to reach the same result. The first group also resumed full activity about two days earlier than those who only stretched once a day.

Russian Sports Massage and Swimming Injuries, Part 2

Overuse Leads to Abuse

Last time we discussed various types of injuries which can plague swimmers. Here, the specific Russian Sports Massage treatment for those injuries will be discussed.

The injuries were grouped into overuse, trauma-related and environmental. We also alluded to the fact that even though these injuries occur in swimming, the same injuries can happen in other sports and everyday activities. Therefore, the treatments presented here would also be appropriate for the same conditions found in the general population and other sports.