Sun Protection

6 Key Ingredients

For Healthy Skin

We’ve all heard that the skin is the body’s largest organ—and although biggest doesn’t always mean best, in this case it does mean very important. Besides holding everything in place and providing a protective barrier against the world, our skin can also give an indication of our body’s overall well-being through its appearance. If we’re glowing and healthy on the outside, chances are the same might be true on the inside. And just as you feed your body well on the inside with healthful foods, you need to nourish your skin on the outside for a radiant glow.

Medicinal Makeup

Micro-pulverized Minerals Offer Healthy Skin Options

When applied properly, makeup should enhance a woman’s appearance without making her look — well, made up. It can hide imperfections, add color, accent features, and boost self-esteem, and, if it is mineral-based makeup, it can do all this while actually improving and protecting the skin. That’s because, unlike many conventional cosmetics, mineral makeup does not contain the preservatives, fillers, and synthetic chemicals that can clog pores, cause blemishes, and trigger allergic reactions.