Medicinal Makeup

Micro-pulverized Minerals Offer Healthy Skin Options

When applied properly, makeup should enhance a woman’s appearance without making her look — well, made up. It can hide imperfections, add color, accent features, and boost self-esteem, and, if it is mineral-based makeup, it can do all this while actually improving and protecting the skin. That’s because, unlike many conventional cosmetics, mineral makeup does not contain the preservatives, fillers, and synthetic chemicals that can clog pores, cause blemishes, and trigger allergic reactions.

Slather on the Sun

Safe and Effective Sunless Tanners

Thanks to the perpetual bronze glow of celebrities like Paris Hilton, the desire for a year-round tan is as popular as ever. Sure a little sun exposure is healthy, and frankly it’s necessary for producing bone-building vitamin D. But sun tanning is simply not an option if your clients want to ward off premature aging and skin cancer. That’s where tanning products come in. Sunless tanners can provide your clients with that sun-kissed look any time of year.

Sunscreen’s Hidden Risk

News Note

A mismatch of expectation and realization. That is said to be a reason why sunscreen use is a risk factor in melanoma. Researcher Brian Diffey, of the UK’s Newcastle General Hospital, said the SPF numbering system on sunscreens is misleading people into believing the numbers actually indicate how much longer it takes the skin to burn than unprotected skin. His comments find merit as Americans went from spending $18 million on sunscreen products in 1972 to $500 million in 1996, while risk of melanoma has gone from 1 in 1,500 people in 1930 to an expected 1 in 75 this year.