Tea Leaves

Flowing with the Seasons Reflects Wisdom

Farmers—who plant, nurture, and harvest crops, then allow the ground to lie fallow for a period of rest—know well the significance of the seasons. Practitioners of the principles of Chinese medicine also honor the seasons, understanding that a healthy life is one that follows the seasonal cycle of nature. As we learn about the ebb and flow of the seasons and their intent for us, we learn to tune into our own natural rhythms and adjust our lifestyles in accordance with them.

Green Tea

Skin Care in a Cup

A longtime Chinese elixir, green tea has been used historically to treat head- aches, body aches, poor digestion, and improve life expectancy. And it’s also good for skin.

10 Tips to Enrich Your Life

Easy Options to Enhance Well-Being

We all feel stress from time to time, and many of our lifestyle habits don’t support us in our journey along a healthier path. Here are 10 lifestyle changes that will help you become more relaxed and increase your overall feeling of well-being.

Tea Teeth

News Note

The growing selection of teas in your grocer’s aisles reveal Americans are consuming a larger amount of this comforting drink than ever before. And with the mounting evidence of the benefits of green, oolong, and white teas, who can blame them? But according to the Journal of Dentistry, while many teas contain powerful antioxidants, other varieties, specifically those that have fruit acids such as lemon, may also be eroding enamel.

Green Tea

Discover What this Strange Brew Does for You

For thousands of years, the Chinese have known the power of its healing properties, incorporating its use in their traditional tea ceremonies. Now green tea has found its way into the heart of Western medicine as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent capable of blocking the cancer-causing effects of free radicals in the body.

Santosh Katiyar, Ph.D., who has figured prominently in investigating the relationship between green tea and skin, says the tea has an “antioxidant activity superior to that of any other naturally occurring antioxidant known.”