Tennis Elbow

The elbow is such an inconspicuous part of the body that we rarely notice it unless it hurts. Pain at the elbow is most often caused by injuries to the tendons. Sometimes a muscle injury is involved as well, which may cause the pain to extend down the forearm. There are other structures surrounding the elbow that can become strained or inflamed, but tendons and muscles cause the most troublesome problems.

Taking Tennis to Heart

News Note

Andre Agassi or Serena Williams you may not be, but according to the American Journal of Medicine, the value of playing tennis through middle age is invaluable to a healthy heart. A study of 1,000 men who played tennis during their 20s and who continued on through their 40s, 50s and 60s found that only 12 percent had developed cardiovascular disease during the follow-up period of 40 years compared to 28 percent of non-tennis players.