Face of Grace

Alleviate Facial Tension, Ease Aging and TMJ

Facial tension is a primary cause of premature facial aging. And exacerbated conditions often end up being seen in a chiropractor’s or dentist’s office. Let’s first outline the various types of facial tension and how to alleviate them. The process should be a team approach in which the patient is proactive in her treatment, along with the other professionals on her team, including massage therapists, estheticians and/or movement therapists.

Controlling TMJ

Easy, Effective Methods

First it’s work. Then it’s the traffic jam. Next it’s the noisy neighbors. For most, stress-inducing days are quickly remedied by a hot bath, a quiet dinner and rest. For sufferers of TMJ disorder, however, simple stressors like those above can be more difficult to nullify because the tension accumulating from an exhaustive day can transfer from other areas of the body and focalize on the temporomandibular joint.

Collision and Consciousness

The Frontiers of Healing

An estimated 4 million Americans are involved in automobile accidents each year. The fallout from these accidents can end marriages, abort love affairs, steal body parts, damage families, and arouse hatred and terror, punctuating the life stories of one in every four Americans.