Massage Without Borders

A year ago, I had the incredible opportunity of being able to take, transfer, and apply my skills in scar massage to a setting that is worlds apart from any reality I have encountered or experienced before. In May 2005, I took a three-month leave of absence from my job as a registered massage therapist at St. John’s Rehab Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, and traveled to Cambodia where I worked at Children’s Surgical Center (CSC) providing and teaching scar massage that could be applied in the postoperative treatment of acid burn victims and other burn survivors.

Staying Well While On the Road

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

Packing your bags for a fun family trip, busy business excursion, or a glorious getaway doesn't have to spell disaster for your waistline. You can still relax in revelry knowing you can enjoy yourself without packing on the pounds--as long as you bring along a "can do" attitude.

The answer is as simple as knowing there are small changes you can make in your meal choices that can save you calories and pack your body full of nutrients. The single most important step in eating well when traveling is to take control of your diet.

Pleasure Prescription

News Note

Adding more pleasure to your life is just what the doctor ordered. According to Spa (Sept./Oct. 1999) physicians are increasingly giving this advice, encouraging patients to follow artistic interests or travel desires to counter the effects of corporate pressures and family demands. Dr.