Treating Injuries

The Body Remembers

Childhood Origins of Adult Musculoskeletal Issues

Problems affecting your clients today may have more to do with how they were positioned in utero or aspects of their early childhood development than their stress, bad ergonomics, or lack of self-care as adults. Somatic issues triggered early in life—whether caused by injuries or learning to stand too soon—can have lasting effects on the body. Discovering if there are childhood origins for your clients’ musculoskeletal issues will help you as a massage therapist understand and unwind their patterns of chronic pain and rigidity.

Your Body Remembers

Childhood Issues Affect Adult Bodies

When your massage therapist sees you for the first time, it is likely that he or she may take a medical history. Over time, as you become more familiar with your massage therapist, there may be issues affecting your body that are not covered by the medical history or cannot be identified until your therapist has worked with your tissues. You may even have completely forgotten about some physical or emotional trauma that occurred long ago.


An Integrated Approach to Treating Knee Injuries, Part 2

After introducing the importance of a holistic view of knee rehabilitation in order to restore proper gait, the previous article (November/December 2008, page 52) ended with our fingers deep in the iliotibial (IT) band. The demonstrated techniques (Treatments 1–4) began with more superficial work that is appropriate soon after injury or surgery, and progressed to tools for returning flexion mobility.