Guided Imagery and Massage

Guided Imagery Finds Its Way Into the Spa

For massage therapists, there is no mistaking the connection between body and mind. It’s evident in each day’s work—from the client who has an emotional release in the middle of a session, to the client who recalls vivid memories as you work his scar tissue from an old injury. Massage therapists know well that the mind is a powerful ally in maintaining health and wellness. The mind is so powerful, in fact, that it can produce its own medicine for the body, and, as with meditation, when we allow the mind to become quiet, true healing can take place.

Intuition 101

Polishing your Intuition

We’ve all heard stories about people whose “bad feeling” led them to cancel a flight, only to discover later that the plane crashed. That’s intuition. Your experiences with intuition might not be so dramatic, but they’re no less valid. Maybe you can’t shake the feeling that you should call your mother, and when you do, you learn she’s sick in bed. Or your “little voice” tells you a business deal is going to fall through—and the client withdraws right before the contract is signed.