Weight Loss

Meditate, Lose Weight

News Note

Mindfulness meditation can help control eating binges and may help reduce obesity, according to recent studies conducted by researchers at Indiana State University (ISU). In a pilot study five years ago, Jean Kristeller, professor of psychology and director of ISU’s Center for the Study of Health, Religion, and Spirituality, observed 18 women who regularly overate. After incorporating meditation techniques, weekly binges were reduced from four to one-and-a-half. These findings were corroborated recently in another Kristeller study of 100 obese men and women.

Fitness Tips

10 Tricks for Sticking to It

Now you’re exercising again, and it feels great. Of course, it felt great last year, too, when you went to the gym every morning for almost the entire winter. If it feels so great, why do you keep quitting? You may be able to make your physical activity more consistent by using some of these tricks.

1. Look at exercise differently.

Common Exercise Myths

Or The Excuses We Can’t Use Anymore

Although old fitness fictions like “no pain, no gain” are fading fast, plenty of popular exercise misconceptions still exist. Following are some of the most common myths, as well as not-so-common facts based on current exercise research.

Myth: If You’re Not Going To Work Out Hard and Often, Exercise Is a Waste of Time.