Dealing with the Winter Blues

Ask a Therapist

By Mary Kathleen Rose

Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Autumn/Winter 2004.

Q. Winter can be difficult for me. Do you have any ideas about how to ease the seasonal blues?

A. Just one fresh rose in a room can help ease winter’s chill, according to Colorado bodyworker and aromatherapist Mary Kathleen Rose. “In the winter, when there’s less light, there’s a tendency for people to get a little depressed. One way to alleviate these “blues” is by integrating fresh flowers into your home. A couple of flowers or a stargazer lily in a bowl can make a difference. That ongoing connection with nature helps give us a feeling of hope for the spring.

“In the winter, I really like the infused oils that have an evergreen scent. An evergreen infused in a light olive oil reminds us that there are things that stay green throughout the winter and carry us through the season. Cut little boughs from your yard and add them to fresh flowers. Beeswax candles also give off a really nice scent — very soft. Just their mellowness is comforting.

“Take advantage of the things you’ve gathered earlier in the year like dried roses. Dried lavender is wonderful. I always have a little basket of rose petals around.

“Remember that enjoying a massage in a nice atmosphere during the winter allows us to really appreciate this as a time of rest. As nature is at rest, so should we be.”