Mud Treatments

Ask a Therapist

By Melinda Minton

Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Spring/Summer 2005.

Q. I’m intrigued about the health benefits of mud, mud masks, and mud bathing. My spa/practitioner offers these services, but what should I know before I receive these treatments? Are there risks involved?

A. We turned to spa consultant Melinda Minton of, and she shared this wisdom: “Mud treatments can be extremely therapeutic. However, there are a lot of questions to ask before indulging in a spa service involving mud. First of all, where did the mud or clay originate? Muds are as different in makeup as the various parts of the world from which they come. Some types of mud are especially known for their ability to draw out toxins, refine the pores, and clear up skin eruptions, while others are known for high levels of mineral deposits. Still others are sought out for their ability to break up cellulite when used in slimming treatments like hydrotherapy and body wraps. Feel free to ask about the type of mud being used in the service and why.

“Most spas will ask that you fill out an intake form and will carefully go over your health history to ensure that the service offered will be ideal for your circumstances. In general, body wraps and hydrotherapy baths are contraindicated for those who are nursing or pregnant, along with those individuals with high blood pressure or heart conditions. If you are concerned about possible allergic reactions, ask for a patch test.

“Feel free to sit down with the therapist offering the service before making an appointment to ask any other questions you might have. Mud has been a health and beauty remedy for thousands of years. After you identify the ideal service for your goals, enjoy the service and remember that most spa therapies are especially beneficial when enjoyed in a series so consider receiving the treatment more than once.”