Driver’s Side Tan

News Note

By Darren Buford

Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Autumn/Winter 2004.

It’s not likely that before you get into the car on your way
to or from work that you consider applying sunscreen. But according to BottomLine Health, dermatologists are now recommending drivers do just that before buckling up. Researchers have discovered a reported increase in the number of cases of precancerous skin spots and skin damage on drivers’ left arms and left sides of their faces. While dangerous ultraviolet rays in the UVB range are blocked by window glass, those in the UVA range are not. In order to protect yourself, dermatologists recommend applying sunscreen, with at least a sun-protection factor (SPF) of 15, 30 minutes before driving — allowing maximum time for the sunscreen to be thoroughly absorbed into the skin — and therefore making it most effective.